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Doppelganger Marketing Strategy

A Doppelganger marketing strategy is an effective approach for promoting a company's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) by leveraging a comparison with a competitor's USP. To implement this strategy, a thorough analysis of the competitors is required, followed by creating a doppelganger that establishes relevance while simultaneously highlighting the weaknesses of the competitor.

This marketing strategy can be a powerful tool for companies looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. By using the Doppelganger marketing strategy, businesses can demonstrate their unique value proposition and gain a competitive advantage.

Doppelganger refers to something that resembles another. In marketing, a doppelganger is a piece of content that establishes product or service relevance while also projecting itself as the superior of the two.

In the below example, company A employs a Doppelganger strategy. The features of both brands are conveyed in a way that Company A is better than Company B.

How is a doppelganger marketing strategy created?

The Doppelganger strategy is effective for companies that have a better business model than their competitors. The core of this strategy is to gain the target customer's trust and boost brand image by providing better features with a doppelganger.

We should also remember that a better feature does not have to be costly. Even a minor improvement in service quality can have a significant impact on your target customers.

Let's take a look at a step-by-step guide to developing a doppelganger marketing strategy for your company.

Assume your brand is company A and your competitor's brand is company B from now on.

Step 1: Analyze your competitors

The first and most important step in this strategy is to research your competitors. You must determine where your company outperforms its competitors. It could be in terms of product/service offering, improved platform, improved service quality, and so on.

Discovering where you outperform your competitors becomes your unique selling point (Unique Selling Proposition).

A USP is a critical component of your business because it serves as an answer to the golden question.

"Customer: Why should I buy from you when Brand B is available?"

Step 2: Create a USP

After analysing your competitors, you'll have a clear picture of their offerings. Now you must position your company so that it stands out from the competition.

The USP must be useful and communicated to the customer in a simple manner.

"However much you spend on marketing If your business model is flawed, you will fail in the market."

Step 3: Fabricate a doppelganger

Begin developing creatives that incorporate content that establishes relevancy between Brand A's offering and Brand B's offering.

Add features from both brands so that you can emphasise Brand A more.

Now emphasises brand A's features so that it looks better than brand B. This creates a positive perception of your brand among the general public.

Step 4: Use a medium

You now have a strategy and creatives to convey the message, but you lack a medium that draws attention to your creatives. The most effective mediums are Google and meta ads.

You can easily select an audience set based on age, interests, and interactions with Google ads and meta ads. You can easily reach your desired customer by selecting an audience segment.

What happens now is that your creatives are seen by people who are likely to become customers.

They look at comparative creative, such as the example below. They begin to believe that brand A is more valuable than brand B. Viewers of this creative are more likely to purchase if they have a positive perception of a high-value product.

Benefits of Doppelganger marketing strategy

Doppelganger's marketing strategy could be a great way for your company to increase market awareness of your offering. Consider Brand A to be your brand and Brand B to be your competitor's brand.

Establish value: When you compare Brand A to Brand B, you can see that you already provide a comparable value to your competitor.

Gain authority: You can gain authority over your competitor by emphasizing your values.

First come, first served: Because this strategy is new to the market, the first person to implement it will be successful.

Higher conversion rate: When you project that your brand is the best, you can expect a higher conversion rate.

To reap such benefits, you must conduct extensive competitor research and strategically position your offering. We are here to assist you with this; simply contact us and forget about the rest.

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