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Basic SEO for your business

Basic SEO for your business is a necessity as your customers wouldve alerady started to search your business online. A simple website, Google my business listing

With the increase in smartphone usage in the past 10 years, The buyers of today's business spend most of their time on the internet.

“Ques: Where do you find the buyers of your product

Ans: The place where they search for it”

SEO (Search engine optimization) services play a major role in assisting local vegetable vendors to MNCs in achieving their business goals. If you don't have a website on the internet where 53% of shoppers perform research before buying a product, you are missing a huge opportunity. With Google responsible for 98% percent of worldwide searches it's important to focus on them. Now let's get into how various SEO services could promote your business in Chennai.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing your website to appear on search results when your buyers search doubts in a google search relevant to your products or service. To appear on the search results your business needs a website.

Create a website

Owning a website is like owning a digital space for your business. The potential a website has for your business is beyond limits. “If you running a business in the 21st century and don't have a website, your business could be extinct in upcoming years” If you are running a business, your buyers are already searching for you online. Enter your business name in the search volume tool, choose the country, and click “Find keywords” to find the existing search volume for your business.

Once you create a website for your business you start to target your buyers by appearing on the search results when they search their query relevant to your business.

“90% of your buyers search online”

Once they come inside your website you have all the opportunity to collect their contact details and convert them into a sale. You can create a website in your favorite name by buying a domain from google domains.

Google My Business

For businesses focused on the local market, google provides a service called Google my business. Here business can enter their name, address, contact number, the area served, timings, products, and services offered. In addition to it, local businesses can also add images and videos to provide a pre-sale experience to their buyers. Google displays such information to buyers where they are in need while they search for it. Businesses have seen a major increase in sales and brand visibility with the help of Google My business. You can start a google business account right now.

On page optimization

On page optimization is the process of optimizing your website to make the user feel comfortable.

“You have to give value to your buyer to get something back”

Let's discuss a few activities you have to perform on-page optimization.

  • Your website should load in less than 3 seconds.

  • To create a visually attractive website.

  • You need to add content and images (About the company, contact details, product images, etc.,) wherever necessary.

  • Give a proper title and description for each page.

These points are just basics as the on-page optimization techniques differ for each business.

Off page optimization

Off-page optimization is increasing the site's popularity which generally happens outside your website. For your website to reach its full potential, you must popularise it on the internet. There are various techniques to perform off-page optimization, which I have listed below.

  • Create links to your website on other websites that your buyers visit.

  • Create social media content to attract users to your website.

  • Collaborate with other businesses and exchange buyers.

With an optimized website you can enjoy:

  1. Increase brand value by promoting the business.

  2. Increase in sales by converting visitors.

  3. Generate leads from useful content.

  4. Decrease cost spent by salespeople.

and much more… We offer SEO services to businesses located in Chennai starting from creating a website and optimizing it to generate sales. Have a look at the process we follow with our SEO services provided for Chennai-based businesses.

  1. Analyze your business, competition, and buyers to figure out how SEO services could help you.

  2. To make the product and service unique from the competition.

  3. To create stories around such products to convince customers.

This three-step process has the potential to achieve your business goals if it is done by us.

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